Shetland’s rope grown mussel fishery has achieved the prestigious blue MSC eco label, proving that mussels are extremely sustainable.

  • MSC approved mussel farming is very benign to its surroundings


Environmentally Friendly

  • We’re accredited by Friend of the Sea
  • Natural process
  • No feeds added to the sea
  • No chemicals used
  • The ropes used to grow the mussels are recycled cycle after cycle
  • Carbon positive -  the mussels lock up carbon in their shells!


Safe Shellfish

  • A key element of our work producing Shetland Mussels is to ensure customer safety.
  • Our mussels have SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval).
  • We have a leading programme for the food safety of the shellfish.
  • Full HACCP based approach to food safety.
  • Fully approved by our Environmental Health Officer as a mussel dispatch centre.