Harnessing Nature

What we do

We start our farming process by catching microscopic free floating mussel juveniles when they are about 150 microns.  These mussel ‘spat’ settle onto our ropes and then spend the rest of their lives filter feeding on the ropes growing to over 60mm in about three years.

Essentially we are promoting a natural process and by giving them our ropes to settle on we provide a home for wild mussels that would otherwise not get the chance to live and thrive.

The mussels feed on natural plankton which are found in the seas round Shetland and we add nothing extra to the natural process.

The mussels, when fully grown, are harvested, declumped, washed, graded and then debyssed and packed in our custom-built factory in the village of Walls on the westside of Shetland.

The simple outline above masks much of the hard work that goes into producing our mussels. To keep the lines in order and the mussels well spaced out on the ropes requires a lot of hard manual labour which is provided by our dedicated and knowledgeable staff on the farms.

The process of getting the raw product harvested and ready for market also takes a lot of work which means that when you buy mussels from us – you don’t have that hard work to do.  If you buy our 5kg nets of debyssed mussels they are pretty much ready for the pan.