A natural advantage

The Shetland Isles are located where the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is a remote, beautiful and sometimes harsh part of the world but a place that lends itself perfectly to the growing of mussels.  The cool tidal waters around our islands carry with them the nutrients and plankton needed for our mussels to eat - allowing them to grow over a three year period, from seed to fully grown shells, to become some of the plumpest meaty mussels you will find – anywhere.

Our mussels are rope grown which means they do not lie around on the bottom with all the silt and mud – ours are the superior rope grown variety – which means they are held in the water column suspended on the dropper ropes – getting food delivered with each tide to grow to be an excellent eating product.

The first step in the process is to catch the mussel spat. We do this by placing the droppers in areas we know around the coast where the microscopic baby mussels are produced and gather. They settle on the ropes at around 150 microns (really small) and then we let them establish themselves for 12 months before moving to our growing sites which have more tidal flow and are deeper. They then grow for another 18 to 32 months to reach to full size.